Character Sheet

The above link leads to an webpage that can be used to create and save character data. Please read the below tutorials to prevent frustration and difficulty:

Rolling Tutorial

At the top of the page you will find a small section with a button that says "Roll." Before you click this, you will want to type in numbers in the following two text areas. After clicking the button, a javascript will run that will compute a number ranging from 1 to the number you entered, and runs the function a number of times equal to the 'number of dice,' adds the totals together. And there it is, your roll.

Open File & File Handling

File handling, like any other thing that involves programming, can be quite confusing! Luckily, I have tried to make it quite simple.
Choose File - opens a previously saved characters file.
Save file - saves a characters file into your downloads folder.
Save Character - saves your character's data. You must save at least once for each new/ edited character. To create a new character, select 'select a character,' fill in the sheet, and click save. Select your character from the drop down list and change data and then click 'save character' to update their data.
Delete Character - deletes a character from the current character data.

Character Info

There are some things relating to character information that you should know:

Armor Class