Spider, Chosen of Lolth


     In the dark, no one can hear you scream. That is why the surface dwellers fear the Drow, and we like to keep it that way. I don't remember much from my childhood, but I do remember my uncle. We lived in an underground city, set with many people of different races. We worked as thieves, stealing from traders, pickpocketing, and selling stolen goods. I was only six, but my uncle taught me how to be a proper thief. We ran many jobs for the Thieves guild, and just as I thought I had my future decided, it all fell apart. People who looked exactly like me, the Drow, attacked and ravaged the city. My uncle hid me in a barrel, and for what seemed like days I felt my hideout being carried away. My barrel was busted open and I was thrown into the center of a courtyard, surrounded by many of the dark elves. I stood before a woman, clad in extravagant robes with white hair and yellow eyes, who told me that everyone I knew were dead. This was the first and last time I ever cried. She held me, calming me down. "Your life has a new purpose," she said. "Lolth, your goddess and great mother, requires your dovotion."
     I never believed much into it, vowing to have my revenge on all of them, but from that day I was trained as a Drow Monk, learning the art of Drow Jitsu, a form of martial arts that mimics spiders and striking with eight limbs from the dark. Our meditations were spent visualizing what the perfect form of a drow and spider would be, but the only gifts we had been given were the Driders, madmen with the upper halves of drow and the body of a spider. I soon learned to accept my people, building my talents and learning to channel Ki. Throughout the years, many of my brothers and sisters vanished, going with the High Priestess and never coming back. That was when I investigated, creeping into the high temple and spying on her. One of my sparring partners drank a potion, and he began to sweat profusely, eventually being covered in a cacoon of some sort of crystal. The high priestess looked up right at me, telling me to come down. I felt pretty bad, and knew I was in trouble.
     "No one has ever managed to sneak into my temple before. Not with success. Those who try are killed by my guard. I am not going to kill you, but rather reward you. Those who possess skill in the Drow Jitsu drink the Venom of Lolth, and are sent to meet her. I think you are worthy, similar to your friend here. If you truly seek revenge against us for what we did to your uncle, then drink and face Lolth."
     The high priestess had me drink a pretty weird concoction, that was slimy with red and gray stuff mixed in. Drinking it sent me into a dream world, where I was greeted by Lolth, who stood over me as I stood in a pen. If I wanted out, all I had to do was pass her trials, running and fighting against creatures that would kill me. For 40 years, I dodged, dipped, ducked, drove, and dodged until finally I was free. During the course of that time, I had honed my athletics and acrobatics, mastering dexterity, and went insane. I found my sparring partner, who passed the tests like I had. "There can only be one survivor to these tests, " Lolth stated. "Both of you must fight, and the victor will receive my blessing to leave!" I killed my partner before he could even bring up his fists. Looking back, I probably shouldn't have done that, but I feel no remorse at causing his death. The way he died, his chest caving in on his heart, his lungs filling with blood. They way he spit choked, falling to the ground lifeless. It felt good."
     "One more thing" she said, a gargantuan black spider standing behind her. "This large spider here is my firstborn, Arachnida. You will drink her venom and die, or else I will transform you into a Drider. I ran forward, punching at Lolth, but my fist flew through her, and I landed into the clutches of Arachnida. "Ha! This one, I like! Your spirit is your own, and you deny me. Heheheh... Arachnida, quench her thirst with your venom. The spider's fangs pressed against my lips into my mouth, and venom began to pour into my stomach. Drinking from her fangs, I felt my flesh melt away until I had nothing but my upper torso, heart exposed, and my head. Lolth ripped out my heart, kissed it, and placed it back in my chest. Immediately, my body was made whole again, and Lolth spun a cloak from Arachnida's black silk and placed it around my shoulders.
     I awoke from the dream, greeted by the high priestess who named me her successor, telling me that I was gone for four days. Three more days passed, and on my crowning ceremony, My whole life fell apart.As I kneeled, waiting to be crowned, an arrow struck the High Priestess in the back. With the arrow pressing through her heart, she fell down and rested her head against my chest. Witch hunters from the surface killed everyone I knew, but I ran, firing a web from my palm behind me, and they could not follow. As I ran myself into a dead end, I had nowhere to go but up. As I began climbing, I found my ascent easy despite the surface. My hands and feet stuck to the rock, and I could move up it freely, moving as fast as I could run. I fled to the surface, and found a large imperial city. As an airship was preparing for flight, I hopped on, and snuck aboard inside an empty barrel.
     Have I ever mentioned that I hate barrels?
Class & Subclass: Monk, Way of Shadow
Race: Drow
Background: Criminal
Alignment: Lawful Evil, sometimes Chaotic Neutral.
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Hair: White
Skin: dark gray
Eyes: Purple
Saving Throws: Wisdom & Dexterity
-Cloak of Arachnida
-10x darts
-Dancing Lights
-Minor Illusion
Flurry of Blows - can spend 1 ki to make two unarmed attacks
Dodge - can spend 1 ki to take the dodge action as a bonus action
Step of the Wind - can spend 1 ki to dash/disengage as a bonus action, jump is doubled
-Languages: Common and Elf(Drow)
-Unarmed Strikes: if unarmed or wielding a monk weapon, Spider can throw an additional punch
-Take is needed, and then some.
-Likes fighting
-Is not above killing children, but will try to spare them.
-Likes to punch to not only harm, but to break and ruin her opponent. Cheap blows are not frowned upon
-Uses her webbing as much as possible to her advantage
-Edgy, not very trusting of Witch Hunters
-silent, but very wise
-As a drow, she isn't very trusting of surface dwellers, but will give them the benefit of the doubt.
-Spiders and dark places
-Gold and Wealth
-Her race is sensitive to the sunlight
-Is very deadly in hand to hand combat, accidentally killing sometimes
-Doesn't like having attention brought on her
-Will take drastic measures in exchange for the power needed to survive