Tharyn Qul'Wrath, Necromancer


     Tharyn was born into a family of moon elf scholars who lived outside of Golden Gleam, owning the Evertomes Library. As a child, her mother and father taught her about magic, teaching her how to sense magic and channel the elements. However, as Tharyn grew older, she discovered a black book, containing spells of Necromancy. With the groundwork set by her parents, Tharyn cast her first Soul Trap on a squirrel, ripping its soul out. However, Tharyn didn't have an interest in its soul, and let it flutter away. Instead, she ripped out its bones, raising her first undead skeleton, and named the skeletal squirrel Thomas, after her father. Her parents, worried that she was turning to evil, taught her about the Undead Court, the elven gods who overlooked life and death. Tharyn learned about the balance, how the dead feed the living, and the living die to feed more living. An endless cycle, that must be respected.
     Which is exactly what Tharyn did not. At the age of 15, Tharyn killed her parents, casting a spell that would plague them. Her parents rose as zombies, accidentally, and Tharyn could control them. However, such an act would go noticed by the town nearby, so she hid her talents and fled into town, her zombie parents killed by the guard. From that day, Tharyn inherited the library, and every piece of necromancy became hers. For two years, she learned of the dark spells, and eventually became fascinated with immortality.
     As she turned 22, Tharyn came across a coven of witches, led by a green hag, who she joined. Eager to learn more about the dark arts, Tharyn soon found herself having more in common with a hag than anything human. Crafting her own Broom of Flying, the witches flew around dealing in dark rituals, corrupting and sacrificing. Eventually, the guild of Witch Hunters heard of their vile sorcery, and hunted them all down. Tharyn fled into the night as her sisters died, their screams chilling the air. Fleeing back to her library, Tharyn grabbed what books she could, locked down her family's home, and fled as far as she could, ending up in the wilds on her own.
     In the middle of the night, She was captured by two Witch Hunters, who had marked her. Tied to a stake and prepared to be set on fire, Tharyn screamed curses upon the hunters, that she will be back and that they will all suffer her wrath. As the flames were lit, and the hunter's magical flames began to lick at her toes, a man in a brown cloak killed the witch hunters, and saved Tharyn. The man, his identity hidden under a copper mask, explained himself as Durhnoghma, a Warlock. Durhnoghma told Tharyn of a Necropolis, a school that founded Necromancy and could grant her immortality. The school was lost, but if she would travel with him to Kalrosh, perhaps their combined power could locate it.
     The two hopped aboard an airship to Kalrosh, landing in a small village called Zeus. From there, Tharyn's story begins.
Class & Subclass: Necromancer, Bone Collector
Race: Moon Elf / High Elf
Background: Sage, Librarian
Alignment: Chaotic evil, but acts neutral to avoid suspiscion
Age: 26
Height: 6'0"
Hair: Silver
Skin: light gray,
Eyes: Silver
Saving Throws: Intelligence & Wisdom
-Book of Necrotic Spells
-Broom of Flying
-Black robes & hood
-Skull focus
-Soul Trap
-Fire Bolt
1st Level Spells
Bone Armor
-Languages: Common and Elf
-Tharyn has proficiency in Bone Collection, reducing the time & cost for making bone items by 15%
-Tharyn knows how to collect souls, and can enchant items at level 10.
-Hide your true nature, then strike when necessary
-Likes raising the dead
-Seeks to become immortal, either through lichdom or other means.
-Squirrels are her favorite creatures, becoming her victims and turning to skeletons/zombies.
-Seeks to corrupt good characters, biding her time but slowly turning them away from good decisions.
-Vile, does not like to smile and puts others down.
-Honest, but never in a good way
-Does not trust Paladins/Clerics
-No Necromancers, kills them with passion
-The knowledge of the dark arts, taking it from others
-Undead and Liches
-Hates Paladins/Clerics, uses them
-Tharyn hates happiness and love.
-Has to hide her true nature, sometimes slips up.
-Does not allow foes to live.
-Enjoys stealing souls and tearing bones from corpses. This is unsettling