Paladin Warsch

Crow Lord

     Warsch was born out of the union of two different worlds: Angel and Human. Although never having met his father, Warsch's mother was a human priestess of the Silver Flame, a deity of good and protection. However, there was no protection when the duergar came. Killing his mother and taking Warsch as a slave at the age of eight, Warsch spent the next eight years of his life in mines, using hammers and pickaxes to mine material for the dark and emotionless dwarves, who beat him regularly. The only hope Warsch had were the prayers his mother taught him, which he would recite as the duergar flayed and beat him. Those eight years lasted like a hundred, until the fateful day that the Order of the Silver Flame defeated the duergar and freed Warsch. Warsch travelled back with the Order, becoming an apprentice and trained to become a Paladin. A decade passed, and during that time Warsch travelled the lands with his Order, learning about Light and the five Tenets of Devotion: Honesty, Courage, Compassion, Honor, and Duty. When Warsch's training was completed, and the Order recognized him as a Paladin of the Silver Flame, Warsch received three visions from the Silver Flame. First, across the ocean of Vle'Anos, lies a stone region set with crystalline forests and tall mountains. At the very top of the largest mountain lies a temple devoted to The Light, where Warsch will receive the sword to banish evil, the Holy Avenger. The second vision took Warsch to a dragon's lair, where a silver mask containing the soul of a deserter waits for Warsch, waiting to be freed by his hands. The final vision, and perhaps the most important vision, shows a really hot Tiefling, skin as red as fire and horns black as night, who will join Warsch in union. Together, their offspring, possessing both the ancestry of angels and demons, will live to decide the fate of world.
     Warsch accepted what funding he could from The Order, and found a sea captain to sail across the Sea. At a large fishing village & port to the south- Warsch met up with Captain Redmaw, a red dragonborn who ran a right crew. The honorable sailor agreed to take Warsch to his mission in exchange for gold. As they sailed, Warsch's journey was cut short by the attack of a Dragon Turtle, who tore the ship asunder and killed all the crew. Except for two! Warsch was rescued by Redmaw's first mate, a Kenku by the name of Blackwing, who carried him across the water to a buoyant piece of the ship, and the two swam for a day before being discovered by the navy of Kalrosh, the stone land mass that Warsch saw in his vision. Warsch was easily accepted by the navy, however Blackwing was not. With his pirate jargon and accent, Blackwing was mistaken as a pirate (which he is, but Warsch has no idea). Warsch pleaded for the flightless bird to be spared, as if it wasn't for him, Warsch would have surely died.
     The navy dropped Warsch off at a small fishing village, where he and Blackwing went their seperate ways. Warsch, having lost everything during the sea battle, was left with nothing but his training, a book of holy scriptures, and his holy symbol.Unfortunately, not even a single gold coin in his pockets. It was in this village that Warsch was fortunate enough to meet Stormdrake, a copper-colored Dragonborn cleric. The two, despite their religious differences, found similarities between paladin and clergy, and soon became good friends. Stormdrake took Warsch back to his monastary, where Warsch learned of Stormdrake's cruel encounter with bandits of Prag'tar. Warsch asked Stormdrake if he knew of any monastaries high up in the mountains, and Stormdrake told the truth: he did not.
     However, Stormdrake swore to enter a pact with Warsch: If Warsch helps him find and kill Prag'tar, a fearsome bandit leader, then Stormdrake will aid him with his journey. Stormdrake took Warsch to the monastary's armory, where chainmail, martial weapons, and shields were kept well in stock. Warsch and Stormdrake set out towards Zeus, a medium sized town whose main trade is flying airships. The duo set out, well equipped for their long and arduous journey.
Class & Subclass: Paladin, Oath of Devotion
Race: Aasimar, Scourge
Background: Noble/Hermit
Alignment: Lawful Good, but not always Lawful Nice
Age: 26
Height: 6'0""
Hair: White
Skin: light blue
Eyes: White
Saving Throws: Wisdom & Charisma
-Warhammer (1d8 bludgeoning)
-Holy Symbol
-5x Javelin
-Holy Scriptures
-Shield (+2 AC)
-Priest Pack
-Thunderous Smite and Shield of Faith should be the first two spells Warsch picks
-Language: Common and Celestial
-Radiant Consumption: Everyone near Warsch takes half his level as radiant damage, and Warsch's attacks deal radiant damage equal to his level.
-Healing Hands + Lay On Hands: Warsch can heal people by touching them. HH heals for his level, and LOH heals for 5x his level
-The Five Tenets of Devotion: Honesty, Courage, Compassion, Honor, and Duty
-Must protect the innocent whenever possible, always staying on the side of good
-Does not value gold or property, but will try to bargain goods.
-Believes that his holy mission will take time, plans to fulfill his oaths to others first.
-Doesn't have many happy memories, after his mother died it was torture and training.
-Doesn't make very many jokes, very serious in his duty.
-Will place his expectations of himself upon others. If someone wishes to steal, he will bring up the five tenets and tries to persuade people of their wrong doings.
-Paladins & Priests
-The Silver Flame / The Light
-Those who fight with him, not against
-Doing the right thing
-Due to the Duergar, Warsch frequents nightmares and doesn't sleep well
-If fighting a duergar, Warsch tends to panic and must roll to resist going into a frenzy / panic
-Has daddy issues, secretly placing blame on him for abandoning Warsch and letting his mother die