Crow Lord - Druid

Crow Lord

      Crow Lord used to belong to a noble family who had a crow on their coat of arms, however, he does not remember the family name. After his father became ill and developed madness, Crow Lord left his family to seek a cure, and went into the wilds where he met with a druid, who taught him about nature and helped him seek a cure for his father. When Crow Lord returned to his father, he arrived too late, as his father was murdered by the house advisor, Cao Cao. After attempting to avenge his father, Crow Lord suffered injuries to his neck from Cao Cao, limiting his speech and causing his words to sound like "Kaw." The house then fell apart, and Crow Lord returned to the wilds to continue his druidic training. Years later, his druidic mentor was killed after the druid failed to befriend a pack of bears. The same disease that had gripped his father has now taken its toll on Crow Lord, creating amnesia and causing Crow Lord to forget his identity, but never his vandetta against Cao Cao.
      Crow Lord is a druid class that focuses on the character's favortism towards birds. Animal Shape, Conjure Animals, and other transformation spells should be used to shape shift into birds. If the DM allows it, substitute the stats for Giant Eagle to Giant Crow.
      For Crow Lord's stats, Wisdom and Constitution should be his highest stats, as the character should focus on gaining health and Wisdom for spell casting.
      The skills, medicine and survival, depend on Wisdom. Religion and Nature use Intelligence, meaning that Intelligence should be his next highest stat, as it also does not get replaced while in a beast form. His next highest stat should be dexterity, for initiative purposes. Strength gets replaced, however will still be useful out of combat. Charisma should be the dump stat for this character, as his speech is limited and his madness should interfere with conversations going his way.
      Hermits experience a "Great Discovery" while they are out and about. Crow Lord makes no great discovery in his journey, unless the player wants to know the cure for madness. The great discovery can also be that BIRDS ARE GREAT! KAW! KAW! The DM can also use this to get the character involved with the main characters, as the character "discovers" something that causes him to venture to a nearby town and join the group.
      Crow Lord, as a druid, cannot fly in animal form until level 8. In the meantime, Crow Lord should either learn spells and magic, and buy better armor (no metal!) and use a shield for combat. Bark skin is an important spell for Crow Lord, as this will be the first spell he casts in combat, and with a shield he will have 18 AC.
      For spells, Crow Lord should use Faerie Fire and then Fog Cloud, as this will allow him to outline enemies with light, and then Fog Cloud will conceal the characters. From there, Crow Lord should cast Cantrips such as Poison Spray, which can hit an enemy 10 ft away from Crow Lord. If the player casts Produce Flame, odds are the enemies will be able to see Crow Lord, however he will have more range from his spell if he chooses and the enemies won't know where he is once Produce Flame is casted.
      At level 3, Crow Lord should learn Moonbeam(1d10) for ranged spells and Flame Blade(3d6) for high melee damage.
      At level 5, Crow Lord should learn Conjure Animals, as this spell can summon one beast with a challenge rating of 2, two challenge 1 beasts, four challenge 1/2 beasts, or eight 1/4 beasts. Once he has this spell, Crow Lord should focus on summoning two Giant Crows. The Giant Crows have multi attack and decent health.
At level 8, Crow Lord can turn into a Giant Crow, but the player can turn into any creature with a difficulty rating of 2, and 3 once they are level 9.
      At level 18, Crow Lord can cast spells in beastform, and should cast Barkskin. By this point, Crow Lord can turn into beasts with a challenge rating of 6, however there aren't too many birds in this game that are strong. With the DM's permission, the player should try to make stronger crows, following the difficulty level. I will be releasing crow creatures soon, such as the Gargantuan Crow.
Class & Subclass: Druid, Circle of the Moon
Race: Human, Damaran
Background: Noble/Hermit
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Neutral (but never Lawful)
Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Hair: White
Skin: Pale White
Eyes: Green
Saving Throws: Wisdom & Intelligence
-Crow Mask
-Leather Armor
-Druidic Focus
-Explorer's Pack
-Signet Ring
-Herbalism Kit
-Cloak of Crows
-Druid Craft
-Poison Spray
-Produce Flame
-Wild Shape (Bonus Action)
-Faerie Fire
-Fog Cloud
-Conjure Animals
-Animal Shapes
-Shape Change
-Language: Common
-Language: Bird(Thinks he can)
-Signet Ring: if people are familiar with Crow Lord's family, they can point out where he came from, however he will not value the knowledge
-Madness - Doesn't remember anyone from before the madness, besides having the urge to kill Cao Cao
-Does not meddle in the affairs of others
-Neutral when it comes to decisions
-Does not value gold or property
-Conserves his magic spell slots, but will transform for any scenario if it fits
-Often gets lost thinking about birds
-Fights to keep things the way they are, as nature meant it to be
-Can not willfully fight a bird, unless that bird is trying to kill him. Will spend an action trying to talk the bird into peace
-Rarely speaks, and when he does it is with little words
-Mostly "kaws" in dialogue options
-Has forgotten who he is, and will not recognize family
-Any knowledge gained about his past is lost immediately, as he is lost
Curing his madness
1: A druid finds the ingredients to procure the same potion that would have cured Crow Lord's Father
2: Crow Lord's Father is resurrected (necromancy or True Resurrection), causing Crow Lord to snap out of his madness as long as his father is within 10 ft.
3: Killing Cao Cao results in Crow Lord snapping out of his madness temporarily. Every day, roll a d20 + either Wisdom or Intelligence. If the roll is 1-8, Crow Lord snaps back into madness.