Dovahsins: A Skyrim And Dark Souls Mod (In Progress)

Dovahsins is a mod that seeks to combine Dark Souls 1 with Skyrim. The mod creates seven attributes for the player
  • Vitality: every point increases health by 20 points
  • Endurance: + 10 stamina, + 5 carry weight
  • Attunement +20 mana
  • Strength: + 1% strength weapon damage
  • Dexterity: + 1% dexterity and marksman weapon damage
  • Guile: +1% pickpocket, sneak, and lockpick effectiveness
  • Adaptability: +1% jump height and move speed
  • Intelligence: + 1% sorcery, hex, and pyromancy damage
  • Faith: +1% miracle, hex, and pyromancy damage
The player can level each skill up to 99 points. Each skill offers perks to increase the player's effectiveness with that skill, such as +20 health for vitality, +20% strength weapon damage, and even -15% spell costs.

There are four bosses in the game, who are placed near story related cities in the game:
  • The Wight Lord: Riverwood
  • Olaf One Eye: Whiterun, near the main gates
  • Prince Duncan: Solitude, inside the Chapel of the Eight Divines
  • Dragon Slayers: Bonestrewn Crest, north of Riften
Included in the game are set items, which I got inspiration from Diablo:
  • Rat King: Every disease increases all damage types by 20%
  • Speedster: Run at the speed of light, slow time down to 1/100
  • Dawnstar Assassin: Wield and throw daggers with deadly force
  • Plane Walker: Unlock any chest/door, even those requiring keys. Sneaking causes you to become Ethereal, but you cannot attack
  • Dragonslayer Armor: Slay dragons like never before
  • Morag Tong Stealth Armor: sneaking causes you to turn invisible
  • Black Arrow: Bound weapons last forever and deal 3x damage
  • Chimavardum: Using your shield, stand firm as a bulwark and bash your enemies to death
This mod will have weekly updates once I am out of school.
I have also included in the game several starting classes, such as:
  1. Warrior: A good sword arm and the power to find victory
  2. Knight: Armor forged from skyforged steel, linked with nobility
  3. Wanderer: Two swords and a path that never ends, starting from Hammerfell
  4. Thief: Nimble fingers, swift feet, and two daggers. Starts with the Golden Lockpick
  5. Bandit: Axes, swords, maces, and an insatiable desire for gold.
  6. Hunter: A quiver full of arrows and a bow to earn a week's meal
  7. Sorcerer: A magic staff that shoots ice projectiles
  8. Pyromancer: A magic staff that shoots flames
  9. Cleric: A magic staff that cures few wounds.
  10. Deprived: No armor, just a club
  11. Conjurer: A magic staff that summons the undead
  12. Blacksmith A smock and a hammer, and the temperment to forge mighty steel
  13. Alchemist: Delicacy brews success
  14. Enchanter: The souls of the fallen become your strength
  15. Magic Archer: A bow forged from other worldly materials, and an infinite supply of arrows
  16. Tamer: No creature can resist your call
Also, legendary items:
  • Golden Lockpick: lockpicking is 40% easier
  • Ring of Health: increases health by 5 points per level
  • Prince Duncan Weapon: increases enchantment power by 50%
  • Void of Humanity: gives the player a soul trap spell, which captures the humanity out of npcs and most creatures